Career Details

We are growing and are consistently seeking talent.


We are growing and are consistently seeking talented and experienced professionals to add to our team. We can provide you a rock-solid foundation upon which you can continue your professional growth and development.

Training / Mentoring

We value each employee and recognize that you are not a finished product. You still have areas that can be improved whether through refining existing skills or adding new ones. We are committed to helping you aspire and strive for excellence and will walk beside you every step of the way. For new employees, this begins by assigning you a mentor that can help guide you on your path. Your mentor will assess your strengths and weaknesses, help you identify a specific career path you wish to follow, and suggest specific training and/or certifications that are designed to enable you to maximize your career and earning potential.

Advancement Oppurtunities

As a fast-growing company – we are able to consistently provide advancement opportunities to our workforce. This is a result of newly created positions necessitated by growth as well as backfill positions that open as a result of the promotion of an existing employee. For each job opening, we give preference to existing employees over external candidates (provided that the existing employee possesses the key skills the new position requires).
Our core desire is that we want each employee to share in our growth and success. We desire to continue to aggressively grow as an organization so that we can organically create plentiful opportunities for our workforce in the years to come.

Corporate culture

We have a very diverse cultural makeup as an organization – employing hundreds of people from a wide range of ethnicities, cultures, and religions. As America has long been viewed as a cultural “melting pot” – so too it is at Keyword Solutions.
Our core assumption is that where you come from is less important as where you wish to go in your life. We believe that the more diverse we are as an organization – the stronger we become. This is due to the immense range of experiences that our employees have – which when blended together gives us the best of many cultures and backgrounds.

Below is the list of current open positions:

# Job Title Location Rate Duration Contract Apply
1 Lead Java developer Philadelphia, PA $70/Hr 6 months Fulltime Apply Now
2 Sr. Java Developer Philadelphia, PA $60/hr 6 months C2H Apply Now
3 .Net Developer NYC, New York $55/Hr 6 months Contract Apply Now
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